Natural Lamb Meats

Our Farm

Here at Sleepy Sheep Ranch we are a small family run sheep farm in North Texas just shy of the Red River specializing in raising quality grass fed lamb meat and breeding stock.

At Sleepy Sheep Ranch, we raise and sell Dorper sheep that enjoy grazing on our 317 acres of rich, green Texas pasture land and hay fields. This healthy and hardy breed produce lambs that are ideal as foundation animals for flock development and as base animals that carry the required genes for quality meat products. Our lambs are pasture raised and finished on grass, hay resulting in a nutritious and high-quality meat product.

Why Dorper Sheep?

Dorper hair sheep are a popular breed from Africa. They are very similar to the Katahdin breed and are a practical sheep that produce hardy lambs on grass or grain. Dorpers produce a fast growing lamb, are easy to handle, are a distinctive and handsome breed of sheep that are hard to find and also demand a premium price in the breeding stock market.

Dorper sheep are calm, easy to handle and parasite-resistant so that they do not require the periodic chemical de-worming additives that many other sheep breeds do. As a medium-sized hair sheep, they do not produce a fleece, eliminating the need for shearing.

Our Dorper sheep are adaptable and a low maintenance breed that live a natural life feeding on our green Texas pastures.

Visit The Farm

Thank you for visiting our site. You are also welcome to visit our farm by appointment. We like to show our special animals, our beautiful farm and our husbandry methods to anyone interested in visiting. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around the farm and introducing you to all of our little farm animals! 


We know that once your mouth starts watering, you're going to want to order from our menu! That's easy!  Just give us a call at 903-819-2873 or email your orders to and we'll take all your information and then ship your order directly to you.  All our meats are shipped directly to you packed in dry ice packs and usually arrive via 1-day or 2-day UPS delivery! If you need a specific ship date, please let us know so we can make that happen for you! We aim to provide you with the freshest meat possible!


Purchase Online

You can buy our All Natural Lamb Meats, all natural soy candles and all natural handmade soap directly from our website. Click the Store Tab at the top of the page to get started.


Here are some recipe suggestions you can try at home with our natural lamb meats. Click the link and enjoy!