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Located about an hour north of Dallas, we are your retreat away from the craziness of life. Come remember what life is all about! With over 250 acres of wooded trails, creeks and ponds, we will help you feel refreshed and amazing.

I was born and raised in Plano. A bona fide city boy. I had an office in Las Colinas buying properties. Then one day I read an article in Arabian Horse World and said, I have to have some! So I bought my horses.

Then about two weeks later someone called me about a property they had for sale. I drove all the way out here! I was thinking I was driving to Egypt! I ended up buying the ranch and I knew nothing whatsoever about anything country! I didn't even know what a T-post was!

A little later, after being 45 pounds overweight and my blood pressure in the stratosphere, I realized I needed to make some life changes. So I closed my business and decided to make a-go of the country life.

Now I have some registered Californian Rabbits, Dorper Sheep, Texas Longhorns, Llamas, Registered Nubian Milk Goats, Arabian Horses, Paint Horses and Quarter Horses, Light Sussex Chickens, Turkish Akbash sheep dogs and our family European Dobermans and imported German Shepherds. I'm giving trail rides on wooded 250 acres and steak dinners to couples and families from the city that want something different to do than your average outing in the city. We even have a City Slicker Round Up! We teach the "City Folks" how to herd Texas Longhorns!

I see the stars at night without all the city lights taking away from their beauty. You actually wave to your neighbor as they are driving by. The people in my town are truly friendly. The mayor Bill Goodson has been here forever! I've had the pleasure of giving him and his family horse rides, as well. Garth Brooks' song "The River" is so true. Follow your dreams.

We love what we do and can't wait to meet you and yours!


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