Welcome to Sleepy Sheep Ranch

Located about an hour north of Dallas, we are your retreat away from the craziness of life. Come remember what the simple things in life is all about. Our 250 acres of wooded trails, creeks and ponds will make you feel absolutely amazing as you cruise the trails and take in the scenery of deer, wild hogs, bobcat and coyote!

Stop by for one of our trail rides and even journey down part of the old Pony Express route that led into Whitewright, then you're off to enjoy a steak dinner next to a campfire. We even have a City Slicker Round Up! This where we teach the "City Folk" how to move a real Texas Longhorn around in the arena then you and your posse head out to herd an entire group of Texas Longhorns through multiple pastures! You get to open gates, and if the Longhorns get away from you, you get to chase them down and bring them back to the herd! Folks, this is definitely designed for the City Slicker in mind! If your desire is to come out and be a serious no fun kind of professional, then stay home! At Sleepy Sheep Ranch, we're all about having fun and enjoying an awesome new experience that you can remember for years to come! so they can experience what it was like to be a real Texas cowboy!

Give us a call at 903-819-1849. We'd love to have you out!

Heres an article about our owner! http://www.dmagazine.com/Home/D_CEO/2013/July_August/David_Mitchell_and_Sleepy_Sheep_Ranch.aspx




Haunted Trail Ride!

Come on out for our Haunted Trail Ride that is sure to have you running for the hills! The event starts out with food and drinks here at the ranch. Then we'll take groups of eight to ten people via hay ride over to the trails and drop you off at the trail entrance! There, you'll be left with one glow stick for the entire group! As you and your group travel down the trails, you'll encounter dangerous demons, monsters and all sorts of halloween characters! If your lucky or brave enough to stay with your group, you'll come to the pavilion where we will pick you up on the hay wagon and bring you back tothe ranch! If you would like to stay the night at our Bed and Breakfast please let us know! Kids ages 14 and up will be allowed on the Haunted Trail Ride.





We offer an experience different than your average city outing. The ranch has Californian Rabbits, Dorper Sheep, Texas Longhorns, Llamas, Registered Nubian Milk Goats, Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Arabian Horses, Light Sussex Chickens, Turkish Akbash sheep dogs and our family European Dobermans and imported German Shepherds. We love what we do and can't wait to meet you and your family!



Also, for you folks that enjoy good quality All Natural Lamb Meat, Sleepy Sheep Ranch breeds and raises our known high standard of All Natural Grass Fed Lamb Meat.  You are more than welcome to stop by so we can show you how our Dorper Sheep are cared for and the pastures that they are raised on. We also have five-star restaurants serving our Lamb Meat. We just want you happy with the quality of our Lamb Meat and we will be more than happy to  answer any questions that you might have! If you have questions about what type of meat to get for what occasion or if you simply have questions about lamb meat in general, we're here to help! Please take a look at our All Natural Lamb Meat page when you get a chance!



Deal Buyers

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You're welcome to Contact Us for more information. If there is anything that you might have a question about, whether it be about having your kiddos come out for a birthday party or for you guys that want to make a lifetime memory by proposing to your girl or setting up a motivational, team building event, please don't hesitate to ask us! We would love to help you build your adventure!


What's Happening At Sleepy Sheep Ranch?

We wouldn't want you to miss anything, so be sure to keep an eye on our Specials & Events page! There, you'll see all the new things happening here at Sleepy Sheep Ranch like the trail rides, City Slicker Round Up! to our ranch produced all natural soy candles, goats milk soap and grass fed lamb meat! We really look forward to being able to serve you and your family! And again, thank you so much for all the kind words and good times that you've given us when you've come out to see us!